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Dicentra Spectabilis "Bleeding Hearts" - 5L

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  • Other common names bleeding heart

  • Synonyms Dicentra spectabilis

  • Family Papaveraceae

  • Genus Lamprocapnos are rhizomatous perennials with attractively divided leaves and pendent, heart-shaped flowers

  • Details L. spectabilis is an herbaceous perennial forming a mound of divided, mid-green foliage. Heart-shaped, rose-red and white flowers hang from arching stems

  • Plant range Far East

How to grow

Cultivation Grow in moist, fertile, humus-rich soil, preferably neutral or slightly alkaline; site in partial shade although will tolerate sun if the soil is moist

Propagation Propagate by division in early spring or after the leaves have died down. Propagate by root cuttings in winter.

Suggested planting locations and garden types Flower borders and beds Cut Flowers Underplanting of Roses and Shrubs Cottage & Informal Garden

How to care

Pruning No pruning required

Pests Generally pest free

Diseases Generally disease free