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Fly Killer Spray 300Ml

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Fast acting control in a handy aerosol spray

A quick-to-use insecticide, Nippon Fly & Wasp Killer Aerosol kills flies, wasps, mosquitos, midges and other flying insects on contact.

For a quick knockdown, spray directly towards the insect from a distance of around 90-150cm.

Nippon Fly & Wasp Killer Aerosol:

  • Use anywhere in the home
  • Immediate effect on contact
  • Contains permethrin and tetramethrin.

A favourite amongst both gardeners and home-owners, Nippon Fly & Wasp Killer Aerosol can clear a room of insects in minutes.

Simply close all the doors and windows, then spray short bursts of the insecticide around the room. Leave the room and close the door for 10-15 mins.

Always shake the aerosol well before use and do not apply to surfaces on which food or animal feed is stored or prepared.

Do not breathe in the spray mist and where possible avoid contact with skin.  Always read the label and product information.  Biocides should always be used carefully and kept out of reach of children and pets.