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Lewisia "Elise Mix" - 9cm x 3 Plants

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  • Botanical name

    Lewisia Elise Mix

    Other names

    Lewisia Elise Mix, Cliff maids Elise Mix, Lewisia cotyledon Elise Mix



    Variety or Cultivar

    Elise Mix _ Elise Mix are evergreen perennials with flat rosettes of fleshy, spoon-shaped, dark green leaves and, in late spring and early autumn, clusters of open funnel-shaped flowers in shades of pink, salmon, yellow, white, and orange.




    Compact, Rosette

  • Colour


    Yellow, Orange, Pink, Salmon, White in Spring; White, Salmon, Pink, Orange, Yellow in Summer; White, Salmon, Pink, Orange, Yellow in Autumn


    Dark-green in All seasons

    How to care

    Watch out for

    Specific pests

    Aphids , Slugs , Snails , Vine weevil

    Specific diseases

    Neck rot

    General care


    Deadheading may encourage a second flush of flowers later in the growing season.


    Purchased seed will come true to type. Lewisia species hybridize freely in culivation so seed collected where various Lewisia species or cultivars grow may not come true to type.

    Propagation methods

    Offsets, Seed

  • Where to grow

    Lewisia Elise Mix (Lewisia Elise Mix) will reach a height of 0.25m and a spread of 0.3m after 2-5 years.

    Suggested uses

    Rock, Gravel, Drought Tolerant, Containers


    Grow in moderately fertile, sharply drained, neutral to acid soil in partial shade. Protect from winter wet. Best in an alpine house, rock garden, or in crevices in a low wall. In an alpine house, grow in equal parts loam, sharp sand, and leaf mould.

    Soil type

    Loamy, Sandy

    Soil drainage


    Soil pH

    Acid, Neutral


    Partial Shade


    South, East, West


    Exposed, Sheltered