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Norway Spruce

For over a century, the Norway Spruce has been charming families across the UK with lean branches and a pleasing pyramid shape that fits perfectly into any corner of your home. Dark green foliage and a comforting scent that evokes the spirit of Christmas make this tree as popular as ever. You cannot go wrong with the Norway Spruce.

The graceful branches form a pleasingly symmetrical cone-like shape, with the firm needles ensuring that precious decorations won’t easily slip off. Many homes choose the Norway Spruce not just due to tradition, but thanks to the iconic tall central branch that’s simply perfect for a Christmas star or fairy.

Each real Christmas tree for delivery is grown and freshly cut here in the UK, ensuring those needles stay vibrant and fresh for as long as possible. To keep the Norway Spruce Christmas Tree looking its best, keep it in a cooler corner of your home and water it daily, this will help with needle retention throughout the festive period. It’s a charming choice for Christmas that will not disappoint. While the firs are growing in popularity, it’s the Norway Spruce that we come back to time and again for a slice of Christmas cheer.
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