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Mouse Bait Station (Pre Baited)

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Nippon Pre-Baited Mouse Trap in a Box

Enclosed mouse trap

Nippon Pre-Baited Mouse Trap in a Box is perfect for homeowners and gardeners looking for an effective, easy-to-use solution to their rodent infestation.

Pre-baited, the trap is easy to set and enclosed within the box to protect children and pets. Guaranteed to kill mice, when activated the trap snaps shut killing the mouse and keeping the body out of sight.

Ready baited, it can be used time and time again, making it ideal for use in the home where children and pets play, as well as in kitchens and food preparation areas.

Enclosed mouse trap:

  • Enclosed trap within a lockable station
  • Easy-to-use and easy-to-set
  • Reusable

An effective mouse control, Nippon Pre-Baited Mouse Trap in a Box can be placed against a wall with the access point nearest the skirting board. Once a rodent has been caught, release into a plastic bag and dispose of in a refuse bin.

Re-set and reposition the trap as required.