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Pre Baited Mouse Traps - 3 Trap Pack!

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Nippon Pre-Baited Plastic Mouse Traps

Easy to use, pre-baited traps

Purchased as a pack of three, Nippon Pre-Baited Plastic Mouse Traps are easy to use and ideal for anyone looking for a quick, mess-free rodent solution.

Pre-baited for ease, the traps are perfect for use around the home.

Nippon Pre-Baited Plastic Mouse Traps:

  • One quick click sets the trap
  • No-touch, hygienic design
  • Chemical free.

Mice can cause major problems within the home and often carry disease.  Nippon Pre-Baited Plastic Mouse Traps have been created to provide every home with a ready-made solution to dispose of unwanted rodent visitors.

Simply place the trap wherever there is evidence of mice activity with the bait pedal facing the wall.  Multiple traps may be required in the case of heavy infestation.

Allow 48 hours for the initial catch, but if no rodents have taken the bait look to relocate the trap and try a supplementary bait such as chocolate or raisins.

Once a rodent has been caught, squeeze the trap open and discard into an appropriate disposal unit.

Nippon Pre-Baited Plastic Mouse Traps have been designed so there is no need to handle the captured mouse.