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Pre order Christmas Tree! Nordman Fir

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The Nordmann Fir is the most popular type of Christmas tree in the UK, known for its luscious deep green foliage and excellent needle retention as the tree dries; meaning no sparse looking branches and less time spent vacuuming! The Nordmann Fir is perfect as a family tree thanks to its softer needles and strong branches which are ideal for large decorations, meaning you can really spruce up your Christmas tree!

- Grade A quality Nordmann Fir trees
- Strong branches for large decorations
- Excellent needle retention and density
- Soft, rounded needles for safety around pets and children
- Thick, glossy, deep green foliage
- Mild, natural scent

Please note, our trees are 100% naturally grown by a fantastic British farm in Nuneaton


Sizes are approximate and you can trim and shape the tree yourself for that personal feel 

Please call 01246 590320 or email enquiries@woolleymoornurseries.co.uk for any further information.  If you want a specific shape then please email a description along with your order number. 

Typical Requests: 

- Tall & Thin 
- Flatter on one side (Perfect for a corner) 
- Space between branches (For those of you with larger heavier decorations) 
We will do our best to get you your perfect tree! 


Photos are used as an example only.