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Rodenticide Rat & Mouse Wax Bait Blocks 300 Grams

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Nippon Rodenticide Blocks

Highly effective, all-weather blocks

Perfect for outdoor use, Nippon Rodenticide Wax Blocks are a highly effective, all-weather rodent control solution.

Simply place the blocks where there are signs of rodent activity, such as near nests and burrows or where fresh droppings are present.

Place throughout the infested area and check regularly for un-used bait. To protect children, infants, pets and non-target animals, use in conjunction with a bait station. For rat control, always try to use a bait station. For mouse control if bait stations are not available, place the bait on protected bait trays.

Nippon Rodenticide Wax Blocks:

  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
  • An all-weather solution
  • Contains difenacoum

Nippon Rodenticide Wax Blocks are more effective if using a large number of small bait points rather than placing a lot of bait in one area. Poisoned rodents should be placed in a plastic, doubled-bag and disposed of in a waste bin with a secure lid.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and wash hands thoroughly after use.

Replace any bait that has been eaten by rodents or that has been damaged by water.

Always use biocides carefully and read the label and product information before use. Wash hands immediately after handling.