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Tree and shrub planting feed 0.9KG

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Contains Q4 Mycorrhizal Fungi

With Q4 Rootmore Mycorrhizal Fungi, Vitax Tree & Shrub Planting Feed will give plants and shrubs the best possible start.

 Containing all the vital plant foods in their natural, organic form, the added mycorrhizal fungi and a range of biostimulants aide vigorous root growth to help plants quickly establish their root system.

 Tree & Shrub Planting Feed:

-        Boosts establishment of all plants and shrubs

-        Encourages intensive growth for stronger roots

-        Feeds right through the first year.

 Tree & Shrub Planting Feed has been formulated to target the root system and help trees and shrubs to develop robust, healthy roots.

 Used for both planting out and ongoing care, the feed can also be used for fruits and roses.

 Always read the label carefully and ensure no feed lodges on leaves or stems following application. Do not exceed the application rates and store away from children, pets and foodstuffs.