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Viburnum Tinus 10L

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Viburnum tinus Plant Description

Viburnum tinus is a unique hedge plant. It's a bushy plant with stunning green glossy leaves and multitudes of beautiful pink buds that blossom into elegant white flowers from late winter to early spring. The flowers then transform into a striking blue-black jewel-like berries. Viburnum tinus is a stunning plant to have in the garden and makes a fantastic feature.

The flowers for which Viburnum is noted, are carried in flat sprays approx. 5/10cm wide.

Please note, we advise not to eat the berries, as they can give you a mild stomach-ache if eaten.

Viburnum tinus is easy to grow. It develops well in the sun, but it can also grow in partial shade or even full shade. However, if you want your garden to flower, we recommend leaving this hedge plant to reach natural sunlight. Viburnum tinus develops better in clay and a moist site but will be fine on all but the most alkaline or dry of soils. It can tolerate windy and exposed sites and even coastal locations.

It is fast-growing when young (approximately 45cm per annum) but slows with maturity. It is easy to trim (after flowering nip back the most extended shoots) and will quickly regenerate from old wood. Viburnum tinus is not suitable to be used as a formal, neat clipped hedge but makes a stunning informal boundary with welcoming winter colours.

Plant Viburnum tinus amongst a number of our high-quality evergreen hedge plants and achieve a garden feature with alternative flowering times so you have interest in every season. You can also view our entire stock of edging plants for shade that will bring interest to screened parts of your garden.